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Grooming at Affinity Retreat is more than just a bath and a haircut- it’s a complete grooming experience. Our certified pet stylists will ensure that the grooming process will not only include looks and beauty, but also encompass the integral health and well being of your pet.

We use all-natural botanical shampoos that are also biodegradable and eco-friendly  for coat conditioning, lightening and brightening, sensitive skin, and moisturizing as well as aromatherapy skin and hair conditioners.  Our spa shampoos and conditioners bring comfort and relaxation during the grooming experience.  Designed to promote healthy skin and manageable coats, our premium product line offers a solution for every bathing need.

We utilize a variety of professional grooming techniques for all dog breeds to include standard breed styles or a custom style and look to suit you and your pet’s needs.  Combined with an array of specialty “spa” treatments such as “puppy facials”, “paw-dicures”, hair color and extensions – we aim to create a unique experience for your special pet.



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I hate leaving my dog. She is part of our family. But I do not mind leaving her with Richard and Dale because they understand that she is part of our family. Not just dog. And they treat her as such. They treat her like one of their own when she visits and even post pics for me to see how she is!!!
Stacey M.

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